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Welcome to Tararrized!

formerly known as the Daiquiri Diaries.

Hello darlings! I’m Tara! Here you will find my many musings on fashion, beauty, travel, food and any other inspirations I might stir up along the way (hopefully they inspire you too!). This is my creative outlet to chronicle my outfit obsessions, things I just can’t live without, fun (or serious) happenings life throws in the mix, or lessons we can learn and grow from.

Outside of the blog my life is tumultuous and ever-changing, which I’m learning to embrace. Currently I am working the blog full-time while pursuing a dual Nurse Practitioner in Family Health and Mental Health (yay!). I’m officially a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner as of August 2020. I’ll finish my psych NP cert (hopefully) August 2021.

I went to school at the University of Oklahoma (Boomer!) as a pre-med major starting in 2004, but switched gears when I encountered health problems of my own. Nursing quickly became my greatest passion. I graduated with my BSN from Midwestern State University and finished my MSN and Master’s in Healthcare Systems Management from Loyola University New Orleans in 2016. My career has splashed across Emergency Room/Trauma nursing, ICU/Surgical ICU/Cardiovascular ICU, and solid organ transplant medicine. Organ transplant was a privilege beyond my wildest dreams; the patients I served taught me life lessons I will carry with me always. That being said, please consider registering to become an organ donor. One donor can save up to 8 lives!

My content might appear to some as a little quirky and unconventional but I’ve really loved how it has evolved since the beginning of this blog in 2016. It gives me the ability to combine my love of styling outfits with a new style of content creation that isn’t like everything else you tend to see on Instagram. This is me embracing my weirdness 🙂

Wondering the little things that make me..well, me? Irreplaceable friends. the smell of rain. good quotes. being organized (i tend to be OCD). Ballet. my precious OG pup Daiquiri (I’ve had her since 2006). my rescued pup Hawk – he’s just the sweetest old man. my newest pup Poppy – an absolute handful. postcards. classic movies. novels in paperback (I’m a huge bookworm). the gym.. okay that’s a lie. I USED to love it.. need to get my booty back in it.

movie marathons. faith. Disney movies. happy endings. cooking. pilates. baking. pride and prejudice. Christmas music. old school nintendo. pedicures. sunshine on my face. the symphony. pastels. coffee shops. cute hats. my very large family. black & white photos. the scent of clean laundry. Lord of the Rings/Star Wars/Star Trek (i’m a HUGE girl geek). miracles (i’ve seen them!). forehead kisses. midday naps. babies. giggling. paying it forward. shoes(!!).

dancing in my underwear (try it, it’s liberating!). inner beauty. yoga. the feeling of accomplishment. mini-muffins. halloween. harry potter. traveling. star-gazing. new love. big sunglasses. scrap-booking. Christmas trees. coffee mugs (i have SO many!) daisies. lilies. nursing. Starbucks. the first snow. conversations for catching up. the smell of coffee. bubble baths. smelly good candles. my brother and adorable nephew. crisping in the sun. Broadway. feeling glamorous. smiles. the beach. New York City.

I would love to know more about you, what you’d like to see and more!