• Another Year, Another Birthday

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    That title sounds a bit blas├ę but I just don’t get all birthday nuts over here – at least not in the sense of “omg it’s my bday!!” Rather, I like to reflect on what I’ve learned over the previous year and think on ways I can improve, memories I cherish, and things to leave behind. Last year I wrote a birthday post listing out 32 separate things.  It was a little Q&A I enjoyed doing – and figured I’d do something similar again this year to answer a lot of the frequent Q’s I get on Instagram.

    I also had an amazing time shooting these images with Angie. It was the first time we’ve ever shot in a studio (thanks Lumen Room!) and I needed new imaging for Twitter/Youtube/Etc that didn’t have my old logo. I LOVE how fun these are!

    amanda uprichard jumpsuit


    1. What made me start blogging?
      • I never considered becoming a blogger until a local boutique here in Dallas brought it up. I already loved being “fashionable” at work in my nurse management/transplant and shopped there pretty frequently. Clothes have always been an outlet for expression and creativity for me. They thought I was a blogger, hah! So I thought more seriously about it and decided to give it a go. OH how much I didn’t know – and have discovered along the way ­čśë
    2. How did I grow?
      • I really despise this question because it implies someone is less than because they don’t have a huge following. Numbers don’t matter. I wrote an extensive post about giveaways and how they helped me grow but also didn’t help me. I will still occasionally do them if they’re in my niche (no more weird iPhone giveaways) but for the most part I stay out of them. Now I work on exposure through brand platforms and networking.
    3. What inspires me?
      • I get inspiration from a variety of places. I LOVE street style. People watching gives me all kinds of ideas and inspo – particularly in downtown scenes. I don’t really peruse Instagram because too many influencers dress like clones of each other – blah boring! I like standing out and figuring different ways to wear things I already own with new things I purchase. Trends come back in style and usually pair really well with finds already living in your closet. Flared jeans are totally rad again, as is tie dye! Mixing the two sounds like an easy and fun outfit! One of my favorite blog posts is one on how to be THAT girl – the girl that stands out. Being THAT girl drives my inspiration always!
    4. What is life like as a military spouse?
      • HARD. This is the easiest word for it but also the most underrated. Charlie and I have been married for over 7 years and have spent the last six apart. Deployments alone have sent him across the world, not to mention random assignments away for weeks or months at a time. I was never ever the type to pack away my dreams and blindly follow along. Not that other spouses do this – but in my view, a lot either have careers that easily transfer locations or simply become stay at home mothers. I had dreams to conquer first – climbing the nursing ladder, educational goals, and whatever life threw at me. A LOT of these women who became stay at home moms scared me to death BECAUSE they’re more like a single parent than a dual unit. They’re amazing at what they do and handling life for the family without their significant other available – but I knew that wasn’t something I wanted to do at that time. Living my identity and achieving goals is something super critical to my personality and mental wellness – otherwise I would have felt swallowed by life and not necessarily living it, if that makes sense? If you’re considering joining the military family my advice to you is to ask yourself three things: are you self sufficient, are you good at being alone, and can you handle curveballs? The military is REALLY good at throwing surprise assignments and changing plans like nobody’s business. You will be spending a lot of time alone, be forced to make new friends wherever you go and need to know how to handle things on your own (like the dryer breaking or a windstorm destroying your fence). Don’t take the decision lightly – but if your significant other is worth it, then your life will never be boring – to say the least!
    5. When are you going to have kids?
      • UGH THIS QUESTION. My knee jerk reaction is to back up off my ovaries, mmk? But in all seriousness – I feel like I’m finally approaching territory where this could be an option. As previously mentioned, I didn’t want to parent alone nor did I feel ready to do so. In my ‘conquering my dreams’ mindset, there was zero room for children and I wouldn’t have been the parent I hope to be. Now that we’re finally under one roof again (for good) I’m hoping maybe in a year. I won’t finish NP school for two years and want to have most of it behind me before locking into being a parent. I used to feel super behind in life because I hadn’t had kids yet and allll of my friends now mostly have at least two. BUT I’m so proud of my accomplishments and feel like it will all now fall into place when it’s meant to. Anyone who feels like there’s a rush on my biological clock can go take a seat. After all – it’s MY clock. But I do eventually want 3-4 ­čÖé
    6. How do I wear false lashes?
      • I have SO many requests now on how to wear/apply these. I guess it’s time to make a video ­čśÇ I have lots of favorite brands including Tatti Lashes, Morphe, and Huda Beauty lashes. I’ve tried so many versions of glue and my favorite is good ol’ trusty Duo glue.
    7. What does my normal day look like?
      • First of all – the world “normal” irks me. But every single day is different. This is partly because I’m in school, managing this “brand” and have a mental illness. There are days that come unannounced where my depression just knocks the wind out of me. Thankfully those are now much fewer but when they do hit, I get anything done that is a “must” and lay pretty low until I bounce back. On happier days – I have school work to do every single day (studying, quizzes, papers, clinicals) and also pay attention to the blog. I’m now trying to post a couple times a week, post to Instagram M-F, and stay on top of any obligations I have. People constantly think the blog will take a backseat to my nursing life when actually it helps just as many people. Not to mention it’s the outlet I absolutely need to feel creative and “heard.” I will say NO day starts without one-two cups of coffee!
    8. Living with someone with anxiety/mental illness?
      • This is no easy question to answer since no person or their mental illness is the same. All I can say it what I’ve experienced and hopefully it helps some of you too. First of all, I fully acknowledge that I have a mental illness and that it requires help beyond my own self help. Some people haven’t reached that point yet for a variety of possible reasons. Having a mental illness is complex, as is living with someone who has one. You don’t want to feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells but you don’t want to come across as insensitive either. Charlie and I have had many very frank conversations about my thought processes, what does and doesn’t work for me when I’m upset (i.e. I need space and not to be touched), and also how he feels. I can’t be selfish in thinking I’m an absolute peach to live with and have to acknowledge how I’m making him feel – and how we cross the bridge together.
    9. How am I so bold?
      • Hmm. I’m not entirely sure where this question was going but I think it means the things I very bluntly say on Instagram. I used to be more timid than a mouse and was walked all over by so many people. I then realized nothing in life gets done without taking risks, asking the difficult questions, and standing up for what’s right. I’ve always wanted my honesty and open vulnerability to be a voice for others who might not be on that level yet – more to let others know they’re not alone in their thoughts or feelings. In this blogging world there are some AMAZING people I’ve been so glad to get to know. Conversely there are some serious hags who treat others “lesser than” and think way too much of their cookie cutter selves. My biggest hope is that everyone in my audience feels like my family and can ask me anything while also finding my content fresh, honest, and unique. Individuality and a unique approach to the world is so much more vividly exciting than being like anyone and everyone else.
    10. How to make tiny eye brows bigger?
      • This question made me giggle because this SO used to be me! If I showed you pictures from 2006 vs now, my eyebrows needed a serious intervention – if you could find them! I’ll never stop singing the praises of microblading – my poor post traumatic tweezed eyebrows were never going to grow back the way I wanted them to. If you’re hesitant to microblading or don’t want to fork out the $ – Anastasia Beverly Hills is hands down my favorite for brow products. Using a thin angled brush and their dip brow I would drawing realistic brow hairs in the front and shade in the rest with brow powder duo. The clear gel is KEY for keeping hairs in place!

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    1. February 12, 2019 / 11:30 am

      Loving all these fun photos in your pink jumpsuit! I feel you on the kids question. Why do people think that with a birthday this conversation is warranted? haha HAPPY BDAY!
      Jordan | http://www.dailycupofjojo.com

    2. February 13, 2019 / 9:07 am

      Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great one! I am loving these photos of you – that jumpsuit is fabulous and very ‘you’!

    3. adriana
      February 16, 2019 / 3:06 pm

      I loved reading this! So many gorgeous pictures too – happy birthday!

    4. Rachel
      February 20, 2019 / 10:01 am

      I love this type of self-interview year-end recap. I learned so much about you I didn’t know!

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