• Ensuring Your Home Is A Bastion Of Health

    Ensuring Your Home Is A Bastion Of Health

    It’s important for your home life to be well-considered as the anchor of your entire health. This is the place you will likely store all of your home health implements, yes, but it’s also important you consider how the configuration of your home is best conducive to your daily needs – you know, feng shui and all that. Health means different things for different people, although the universal processes to help manage it can be largely the same. It might also be that you have family members in your household whom you have to to consider in order to ensure your house is the safest place in the entire world for everyone you care about.

    No matter if you’ve recently moved into a new home like me or you’re considering rearranging an old one, it might be worth applying these tips in order to develop your best methods possible.


    Home Setup

    Your home setup truly matters, and can contribute to how comfortable and healthy it is. Sometimes, a deep inspection can reveal issues you might not have noticed. Do you have damp growing in your basement? Might you make the shocking discovery of asbestos (this is, scarily, more common than you think,) and realize you truly need the help of an NBA Law Firm to prevent issues from affecting you deeply? Prior to my move, the townhome I was living in constantly had an A/C leak causing mold to grow in the walls and baseboards – ah! 

    Let’s consider the smaller issues. Are you practicing electrical safety, especially since it’s the holidays? Is the clutter in one of your rooms a potential fire hazard? Does your daughter/wife/roommate/gf etc. have a habit of leaving plugged-in hair straighteners or hair tools lying around? Are the edges of the tables in your home relatively unsafe, and especially so now your small child is starting to toddle around? Your home setup is absolutely essential to consider, especially in the smaller implements. I’m 32 and constantly bruise myself on sharp corners, go figure.

    We like to think our homes a place where we are free from all danger, but of course this is never fully the case. Homes can be dangerous if we’re not careful enough to maintain them well, or if we let issues get out of hand. Don’t be the kind of person that experiences this. With the questions laid out previously and a deft hand, you can resolve issues before they begin.




    Ventilation is important to consider when it comes to home health. Bad air quality can often lead to a range of health issues in degrees of severity. It might be that you have bad ventilation in your home on account of never opening windows, and so the air is stuffy and oppressive. It might be that you live in the midst of a very polluted city environment, in which case purchasing an air filter can be a real godsend and make a massive difference. It could be that old laundry piles, old washing up and other unhygienic practices are contributing negatively to the smell and comfort of the home (did any of you grow up with a brother? Ohh the memories.). While this isn’t dangerous in itself, it’s not the nicest to deal with. Ensure you have good ventilation in your home by making a habit to open windows, keep spaces light and airy, use air filters (remember to change them often) and fans to keep the air moving, and use odor eliminators as a last resort. I do like to hang little bags of dried lavender sprigs in my closet and bedroom to give a nice and relaxing aroma.



    Of course, it’s common to hear noise if you live in an urban environment. But sometimes, this can prove quite distressing for all. If there’s a recently opened bar in the neighborhood, or if a neighbor from hell doesn’t quite know where the normal volume limit of a television is, or if you have students moving nearby with their absolute abundance of crazy parties, your family might be affected and feel upset. I cannot describe enough how much I DO NOT miss the noise of my uptown townhome – so much noise. Noise can be a real danger to continued health, especially if it impacts sleep. In some cases that you can’t change, it might be worth investing in earplugs – I particularly love the silicone kind. However, usually speaking to your office or in worst cases the police tends to settle the noise periodically. Also, be sure to converse with the person making the noise, and if that doesn’t work then grouping together with your local neighbors to try and seek action can be a fantastic method of getting something done. The Nextdoor app/website is a wonderful resource not only to get to know your neighbors but also relay information.

    With these simple tips, ensuring your home is a bastion of health and onto feelings of serenity is a sure thing!


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