• February and March Sephora Haul

    sephora haul

    I LOVE being able to sit here and talk about skincare with you. I receive the kindest compliments from so many people on Instagram about my skin but the truth is I didn’t always have great skin and I often felt like I HAD to hide behind makeup to feel pretty or worthy. I’d love to go back to the younger version of me and tell her how unnecessary that was and how unhealthy my thought process was. I’m sometimes wary of social media and what it must be like growing up in such a massive world of pressure seemingly abundant internet trolls – but at the same time I wish a lot of the resources that are now readily available to us all were there for me when I was younger.

    Below are my new additions via Sephora and my usual skincare routine.

    February Sephora Picks

    • Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – this stuff is amazing. AMAZING. The hydration and youthful appearance in my skin in the morning is amazing. These serums are amazing for anyone feeling like they have uneven skin texture. I layer it over the product below and an anti-aging cream (going from lightest to heaviest). I also bought the day time version and give that one all my votes too!
    • Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator – I’ve fallen in love with this product. The glow is visible! It’s the first thing I put on after a shower and just adds to the other products I use on top of it. It’s very lightweight and packed with antioxidants.
    • Kiehl’s Eye Fuel – this product is awesome for puffy eyes. It says it’s for men, which I totally failed to see when I bought it, although I don’t see why it’s purely designated for males. I love it! It’s infused with caffeine and B vitamins – giving you a more rested appearance, even if you’re lacking in the sleep department. Bye bye dark circles!
    • Kiehl’s Hydro-Pumping Re-texturizing Serum Concentrate – this product is amazing for creating more hydrated skin without being too heavy. It also helps with loss of elasticity, and firmness as well as dryness and dullness.
    • Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer – Okay, honest review. In terms of glow factor and hydration, this is no different than the Kiehl’s Glow Formula above. But the smell – it just doesn’t agree with my nose. It doesn’t smell foul or anything like that, it’s just very earthy. I dunno, it could be me but otherwise I love the product. The other Tata items I’ve purchased don’t smell like that either so I’m curious as to what uniquely adds to this product’s odor.
    • NudeStix – this can be worn on the eyes, cheeks, or lips. It blends smoothly and is vegan + cruelty-free! I have in shades Bondi Bae bronzed nude and Sunset Strip soft coral nude. (Thank you Two Peas for the rec!)
    • HUDA Beauty Baking & Setting Powder – I’m all for a setting powder, that’s my secret trick for making my makeup last several hours or an entire overnight shift at the hospital. I bought this in the shade Pound Cake and love the coverage.
    • BeautyBlender – what was life life before this tool? I’ll never go back. This one is a fun pink marble color and I happened to need a new one.
    • Laneige Lavender Water Sleeping Mask – this product is awesome, and is the lavender-scented version of the regular water sleeping mask. I put this mask on top of my other nightly routine items and it locks everything in. One of my favorite buys ever – so is their infamous lip mask (that happens to now come in Vanilla too!). Both in my opinion are nighttime essentials.
    • KORA Organics Noni Glow Sleeping Mask – this is another clean beauty product that I think is fantastic. It’s a hydration mask for bedtime – aka you sleep with it on – and your skin soaks up all the moisture overnight. Don’t get me wrong – I’m also an AVID fan of the Colleen Rothschild Intense Hydrating Mask – but this product does just as great of a job and boasts the clean beauty mark.
    • Youth to the People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream – I actually bought this product for Charlie because he’s always rooting around in my moisturizers for his dry skin AND he works a high stress job (commercial & military pilot). Adaptogens are marvelous at helping your body dispose of stress and the ensuing toxins so it doesn’t start to disintegrate your health. Have you heard of adaptogens?

    March Sephora Picks

    • Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Herbal Concentrate (Hemp-derived) – per usual Kiehl’s knocks it out of the park with this product. It’s main purpose to to reduce redness and calm skin – so think blemishes, dark spots, uneven skin tone. I tend to get a lot of redness in my cheeks and this makes such a difference!
    • The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid – hyaluronic acid is a naturally occuring substance in our bodies – mostly present in our joints and eyes. It functions as a fluid or moisture retainer – the benefits range from wound care/healing properties to marvelous boosts in skin hydration. You’ll start to notice healthier, more supple skin!
    • Farmacy Freshen-Up All Natural Deodorant – I’ve been on a mission to switch to clean deodorant. This is my fourth brand to try but so far I really like it. The scent is clean and somewhat minty and I don’t feel like I smell as I did with other brands.
    • Dr. Brandt Needles No More Neck Sculpting Cream – who else is self-conscious about their neck? We all spend so much time looking down at a screen or our phones, our necks are aging far faster than the rest of our body! Isn’t that crazy? What I love about this product is the inclusion of a gua sha tool that helps smooth the product over the skin, drain your lymphatic system, and ultimately helps you relax.
    • Drybar On the Rocks Charcoal Scalp Scrub – I LOVE a good sugar scrub and was so delighted to discover this product. Charcoal has a variety of benefits and loves to bind with toxins. I use this once a week to get any gunk off of my scalp that regular ol’ shampoo fails to remove. (plus it just feels so good!).
    • HUDA Beauty #8 Lashes – these are my absolute favorite lashes. Becca and I both get compliments when we wear them, they’re perfectly dramatic!
    • Velour Lashes Kit – Many of you have been asking me for a lash request video. I literally just slap them on but I figured I’d teach myself how to use lash applicators too incase that’s easier for you!
    • Lilly Lashes 3D Mink Lashes (Hollywood) – I spotted these and hadn’t tried the brand. They look gorg, I’ll report back if I don’t like them although that seems unlikely.
    • DUO brush on lash adhesive – Believe it or not regular duo glue has been my favorite glue despite trying so many other brands and types of glues. I didn’t realize they made a brush on option – so I’ll include that in my video tutorial!
    sephora haul

    Skincare Routine

    Again I say I didn’t always have pretty skin. I had horrible cystic acne (painful) and sporadic breakouts that came from nowhere. I was prescribed Differin from my dermatologist before it was available OTC and couldn’t sing its praises higher! Consistent nightly use for a few months completely eliminated my acne (I mostly had it on my cheeks and jaw). If you’re suffering from acne that doesn’t seem to budge I would recommend seeing a dermatologist and/or trying Differin (now available at places like Target, Walmart, and Ulta to name a few). As always please consult with a physician before starting a new medication.

    1. MAC Makeup Wipes: I’ve tried so many versions of makeup wipes over the years and I’m telling you NOTHING takes it all off like MAC. I really like this particular version that has incorporated micellar water into the formula. No matter what I’ve got on my face (heavy makeup, waterproof, face paint, etc) it all comes off.
    2. Tula Purifying Cleanser – I always always always wash my skin first with this cleanser. The probiotic formula is a gentle cleanser that helps keep my skin healthy and doesn’t completely strip it of its naturally occurring oils. I double wash my face (wash it twice) because the first round removes all the grime hanging out on the surface, second round actually gets into the pores. Use code TARARRIZED for 20% off.
    3. Fresh Rose Floral Toner – Applying toner is like working with a clean slate or bare canvas. It preps your skin for the next step and helps it soak up things like moisturizers and serums. I love this one in particular for the faint rose scent and gentleness (superb for sensitive skin). This one also works well as a makeup setting spray.
    4. Moisturizer – I pat on a moisturizer all over my face and neck, as mentioned above. I used to think a moisturizer would make my combination skin more oily – but quickly realized it was everything my skin was begging for. I also loves Tula’s hydrating day and night cream + the Kefir mask. The moisturize level is unreal and is especially great after traveling!
    5. Serum – last step. These are even better when applied with a roller (kept in the freezer). Relaxation, lymphatic drainage, firming and wrinkle prevention + the serum’s benefits .. you just can’t go wrong.


    1. March 1, 2019 / 11:23 pm

      All of these sound amazing!! I need to try the Kiehl’s skin hydrator and the retexturing serum.

      cute & little

    2. Taylor Mobley
      March 4, 2019 / 7:51 am

      Such good products. Kiehl’s is a new favorite brand of mine!

    3. Laura Adney
      March 4, 2019 / 10:19 am

      These products are amazing! I got to try

    4. March 5, 2019 / 9:49 am

      You DO have some seriously amazing skin! It looks like porcelain! Thanks for sharing these products and your routine 🙂

    5. March 5, 2019 / 11:39 am

      these are all such great finds! thank s for sharing girlie!!

    6. March 8, 2019 / 12:22 am

      Definitely pinning this one so I can try some of these! You have gorgeous skin, so I need alllll the recs;)

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