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    Who else survives their day to day via online shopping? I’d say I’ve even gone to the extremes of preferring to order things like toilet paper from Amazon rather than make a trip to the store that’s merely a mile down the road. Whether that says I’m an extreme homebody or just generally try to avoid people (both of which are true) thank heavens for being able to find just about anything on blessed Amazon. That being said, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite buys from the past several weeks, maybe they’ll serve you some purpose too!

    Care for an explanation of the finer details?

    Tie Dye Crop Hoodie | Tie dye is a thing again! Oddly enough – I wasn’t a fan back in the day but now I can’t wait to wear this pastel toned crop – stay tuned for a full look!

    Pink and White Fleece Pullover | This pullover is super cozy. It’s less than $25 – no it’s not premium quality (it’s not double lined) – but I wear it around the house and love the quality per price ratio.

    Buffalo Check Pullover |  This pullover is super thick – very fluffy and incredibly comfortable. Also less than $25.

    Glitter Watch Band |  I renewed my first gen Apple Watch this Christmas for the new series 4. Being a creature that loves change – I needed a number of wristbands to choose from, including this adorable rose gold glitter.

    Leopard Watch Band |  My favorite ladies at Two Peas in a Prada are the QUEENS of amazing finds – this watch band is seriously the cutest and only $12.

    Heart Sunnies |  I bought these in white, black, pink, and tortoise – of course I had to add red. I mean how can you argue with such a good dupe?

    Clear Shoe Stackers |  Organization has been my BIGGEST endeavor in this new house. Yes, I have a custom built “cloffice” but the two he/she closets need some help. I promise to eventually do a house reveal, room by room.

    Pink Pom Slippers |  These slippers are a hit – especially with Poppy. She constantly runs off with them and tries to pick them apart. But I love that they’re slip on, too cute for words, and less than $18.

    Fuzzy Flip Flops |  My favorite! They’re $14 yall! SO much better than some I’ve bought in department stores! These guys have a sturdy bottom and are super fluffy. And don’t worry.. Poppy loves these too – as evidenced by finding them on the top of the couch.

    Gel Heel Socks | These socks have rocked my world. For whatever reason, my feet get SUPER dry and start to crack quite easily. I hate it! But these socks have gel lined into the heel – I pop them on before bedtime or wear them around the house all day. They’re like little heel pillows!

    Lavender Foot Peel |  These foot peels are sensational – I use them about once a month. But word of warning – your feet will peel for several days, so use way in advance of plans involving your bare feet šŸ™‚

    Potted Succulent | I have zero luck with indoor plants. I’m trying my luck now with succulents. This gorgeous beauty arrived already potted and so far lives on! (two months and counting).

    Planner |  I tried giving the bullet journal thing a go this summer but then I moved and just got super busy. I admit I missed the structure of a pre-made planner.

    3 Pack File Folders |  I am a crazy person when it comes to being organized – even my schoolwork. I am in three classes this semester for my nurse practitioner programs: pathophysiologic processes for the advanced nurse, advanced pharmacotherapeutics, and the role of the advanced nurse practitioner. Advanced much? One file folder per class – my OCD feels at peace. AND they have adorable little smiles on them!

    Chanel Book Stack |  This stack serves zero purpose other than to look pretty – but pretty it is. It sits on my computer desk collecting dust, but I love it. Chic and minimal.

    Phone Soap |  The amount of germs on our phones is disgusting. Revolting actually. We touch various germ covered surfaces all day long (filled with coodies from OTHER people), then handle our phones, and then PUT IT ON OUR FACES. Do you bleach wipe your phones on the daily? Yea, me neither. But this little gadget UV “cooks” your phone for about 10 minutes and zaps the germs. Yes please!

    Tea Sampler |  I love my coffee but I limit myself to two cups in the morning. In the afternoons I switch to tea – and by far love Harney & Sons more than anything. Cinnamon tea seriously lifts up my soul.

    Ultra Caffeinated Coffee | Ok I know I just said I limit my coffee intake, but you know when some days are more of a kick in the pants than others? Death Wish Coffee is the most powerful coffee on the market. If you need an extra pep – look no further.

    Encouraging Water Bottle | I vowed to start being better about drinking WAY more water each day. This bottle is incremented by time of day and gives you encouragement each step of the way. It’s been great for me so far!

    Armpit Refresher Wipes | I’ve been trying to go the natural route when it comes to deodorant but the one I’m currently using just doesn’t cut it – or maybe my armpits are staging a rebellion, who knows. But these wipes are amazing and refreshing!

    Scrubbing Cloth | These shower cloths are divine. They make my skin tingle, in a good way, and are excellent yet gentle exfoliators for daily use. They also reach around your back for those hard to reach areas!

    Hint Sampler Pack | I am HOOKED on this water! I think my favorite flavor is peach – but I’m not a fan of the peppermint. It’s insanely strong. They’re so easy to drink, making my hydration goals that much easier to conquer!

    Smooth Move Tea | Ok most people don’t like discussing poop, yes I realize that. BUT it’s a completely normal human thing – and it’s SO important. I like this tea for those who have trouble with consistent bowel movements – even drinking it 2x a week is beneficial! It has senna in it (a natural laxative) but isn’t incredibly powerful.yVital Proteins Shots | I’m a huge fan of supplemental collagen. By the time we reach our young twenties our skin needs supplemental collagen to keep its fresh appeal and vitality. These shots come in a variety of forms – the sleep shots have melatonin to let you drift off to sweet dreams. I also put their collagen in my morning coffee! My hair, skin, nails, and joints have never been better!

    NuDerma Wand | Again my Two Peas ladies found an AMAZING skincare device – a high energy wand! The wand comes with multiple attachments. I’ve been using this on my face and scalp – I’m seeing a slow diminishing of the vascularity that started appearing in my lower cheeks and my hair is GROWING!

    Makeup Brush Cleaner | Another Two Peas find – the makeup brush cleaner has gone viral! I admit I was super skeptical until I tried it – it’s amazing! It makes the entire cleaning process so easy – AND the drying!

    Lint Roller | All three of my dogs shed – all of them. I despise carrying a lint roller that sticks to everything else in my bag. I love that this one is concealed and sleek.

    Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap | This soap is wonderful for cleaning your brushes. It gets all the oils and grime out without being too harsh. I love this particular Almond scent.

    Dry Brush | Do you dry brush? I’ve only been doing it for maybe a year? It’s phenomenal in helping with circulation, exfoliation, and preventing ingrown hairs. I started waxing my legs nearly a year ago and dry brushing became imperative! Plus it’s soothing in general – calms the nerves and melts away stress.

    Gel Pen Pack | The inner girl in me never got over my affinity for gel pens. Now that I’m in school again, I deem that a worthy excuse for this GIANT set of pens. My homework and planner are EXTRA colorful. Zero guilt. Treat yo self!

    Travel Makeup Case | Ok I’m mildly obsessed with the Two Peas girls – but obviously you now know why. Their finds are toooo good! This makeup case for example. Ashley took it on her recent trip to Hawaii – and I was hugely impressed with everything she fit in it. Being a girl who doesn’t travel light, I’m totally about this case that keeps it all organized AND has room for brushes too!

    Now that I’ve shared mine – what are some of your Amazon must haves?

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    1. Stephanie
      February 5, 2019 / 6:27 pm

      You sure did snag a lot of goodies, lately! I can’t wait to see you rock some of those fashion pieces on your blog soon šŸ™‚

    2. February 5, 2019 / 10:24 pm

      These all look awesome babe!! Loving those fuzzy slippers, they look so comfy and cute!!

      cute & little

    3. February 5, 2019 / 10:39 pm

      I really like using amazon, it has basically everything! Love your pick on those fluffy slippers, I’m a big slipper fan <3

    4. Nataly
      February 6, 2019 / 7:13 am

      Now, I need to go on an Amazon shopping spree! You picked up so many good items here!

    5. February 6, 2019 / 9:18 am

      Wow, you got a lot of stuff! I’m really loving those pens you got! I love gel pens and stationery products!!

    6. February 6, 2019 / 9:30 am

      That sparkle watch band is RIGHT up my alley. LOVE.

    7. February 6, 2019 / 11:08 am

      OMG I get on Amazon and 3 hours later I’m wanting some random buy that I found haha. These are great buys!

    8. February 7, 2019 / 3:48 pm

      I love tie dye, I’m so happy it’s trendy again right now because I feel like it is so fun and happy. And OMG I need that ultra-caffinated coffee, regular coffee just doesn’t do it for me anymore…eep!

    9. February 10, 2019 / 12:44 am

      You found some really pretty fashion items! I’m loving those heart shaped sunnies and those lovely slippers! Love your photo and how stlish you look!


    10. February 10, 2019 / 10:53 am

      OooooOooo lots of great goodies! I so need to get those underarm wipes– I had them before and LOVED them, I need another pack!

    11. February 12, 2019 / 12:33 pm

      Haha, I love how you can find almost anything on Amazon, what would we do without it?!

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