• Savoy Sorbet Visit – a Frozen Sorbet Wonder

    Savoy Sorbet Visit – a Frozen Sorbet Wonder

    If you guys follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (if not there are links above and in the side bar to do so) you have seen my posts about my undying affinity for sweet treats, particularly Savoy Sorbet. I’m an insatiable sweet tooth (zero shame) and am the kind of person who would rather have dessert first, if anything else. There’s something about sweet treats that just seem to make me happy and make the world feel a little bit better. Throw in the added bonus of all natural ingredients, dairy-free, vegan friendly,  gluten free, and 400 calories or less per pint – all the guilt is gone!

    Recently I was invited to visit their shop, the amount of excitement in receiving said invitation cannot be expressed in words. I literally did a “OH MY GOSH!” along with a happy dance.. and then had to immediately snap about it. It is such a humbling moment to be invited into someone’s business and see the magic behind the scenes. I’m not sure if you guys know this but my family has a Mexican restaurant back home in Wichita Falls, TX. The business is mostly managed day-to-day by my Aunt Valerie and godmother Rosie. I grew up spending countless Saturdays (while my brother was at soccer practice) running around the restaurant, making guacamole with Valerie (and getting into guacamole smattering fights), learning to count change on the register, tossing change into the fountain for wishes, and even playing hostess as a kid. Valerie still teases me about the clipboard I would tote around, noting every task performed and the amount of money I believed my labors were worth. Rosie will tell you (partly laughing and partly serious) about our trips to the grocery store and my aggressive backseat driving skills. She still vows to never have me in the car with her again! The restuaruent is one of my family’s many businesses, but it was like home to me. I loved it there and knew all the staff like family (some of them still work there!). Needless to say, I have a very soft spot and profound appreciation for the mom & pop businesses that are the fruits of blood, sweat, tears and dripping with family love.

    I first found Savoy Sorbet through a Instagram post, before my blogging days. I already needed to go grocery shopping, so I decided to swing by Central Market to hopefully find what I was searching for. I left with Triple Lemon and Ginger Lemongrass in hand. I opened Triple Lemon (fyi I’m a sucker for anything lemon) the moment I got home and instantly fell in love. To date I have yet to try all the flavors, but have yet to find a flavor I don’t like. They are all packed with such incredible flavor, I never want the pint to run out!

    Savoy Sorbet made its modern debut in 2008, owned by Angela and husband. She shared with me her husband’s upbringing in Wisconsin and love for ice cream, can’t blame him right? She came from the world of event planning here in Dallas and had a greater vision to own a business that enabled her to blend her family life with her professional life. I even met her handsome baby boy while visiting in the shop, what a dream to be able to wrap your baby onto you while going about your work! I also met Christine, her delightful co-worker who is said to be the creative mastermind behind the scenes. The two of them were childhood friends and now bring this gem of a treat to you and me, isn’t that the coolest?!

    If you guys are wondering where to find their product I have already mentioned Central Market (all locations in Texas) but they can also be found at these Dallas locations: Bolsa Mercado in Bishop Arts district, Celebration Market, Cox Farms, Jimmy’s Food Store, Munzee Marketplace, Rosemeade Market, and Spec’s. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Whole Foods to come soon since I live very near one! I can envision an evening stroll for the single purpose of snagging a sorbet 🙂

    Don’t happen to live near any of these locations? No sweat! You can shop their website and have their sorbet shipped to you (on dry ice in a reusable cooler!) Can you choose your own six flavors or choose the Savoy Six which includes their six most popular flavors. Check out their website for more details!

    Savoy Sorbet







    Are their shirts not the cutest?


    We got to taste test a possible new flavor and learn about flavor requests made by clients!




    My outfit details:

    Dress: Rose Diletta Kate Spade Madison Avenue Collection

    Shoes: Steve Madden Christey wrap heel via L Bartlett Boutique or Here

    Hair: Blowout from DryBar

    All photos by Megan Weaver Photography

    Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely rest of your Sunday!


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