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    You guys know I love a good beauty/skincare/makeup/etc. beauty buy find! Here I’m sharing my favorite beauty products from face masks, to lip sticks, to tools. Let’s explore from the ground up shall we?

    Face Masks

    Face masks are hands down my favorite part of skincare. There’s literally a pick for every skincare concern! One of my favorite tricks is to layer Laneige Water Mask over my favorite moisturizer – it’s like a nice hydrating kiss before you go to bed!

    Moisturizers & Toners

    Moisturizers are absolutely essential, particularly now that I’m getting older. Preventing wrinkles is the name of the game which means keeping my skin nourished and hydrated.


    Cleansers, in my opinion, should revolve around what’s going on with your skin. If you’re having acne issues, you want to make sure you’re using a cleanser with salicylic acid to fight over that acne-causing bacteria! If your skin dries really easily, you want a gentle cleanser.

    Skincare Tools

    The tools you use are just as important as the products you’re putting on your skin. Clarisonic does a fantastic job of getting off those dead skin cells and allowing your product to work into your skin. So does double washing your face! Blue light therapy works wonders on acne woes, I used it when I had deep acne on my cheeks – works like a dream (with consistency of course!). I’m super curious to try facial toning and see if there are any good results.

    Fine Lines & Wrinkles

    Repeat: Glycolic acid is your friend. Again: Glycolic acid is your friend.


    Eating healthy is your best bet to looking and feeling great, but a few supplements never hurt the process either. As always, consult with your doctor or primary care provider before starting any new over the counter medication. I LOVE my collagen peptides – I mix a scoop with my morning coffee to give my skin that extra boost!


    As I’m getting older, I’ve developed a sunscreen and/or sun allergy. Suuuper annoying. I’ve been testing out this sunscreen, and so far no rash or hives. Be sure to research your sunscreens, most of them a total bogus and don’t hold up to their supposed SPFs.

    Hair Products

    I keep my platinum hair very blonde and not yellow by using this Pravana hair mask for about 10-15 minutes. It’s seriously the best thing since sliced bread for any of you silver blondies out there.

    Hair Styling Tools

    I am in love with my Dyson hair dryer – it is pricey but it dries my hair incredibly fast and it feels so soft! Definitely an investment but worth it in my opinion. If you’re looking for something not quite as expensive, the T3 dryers are also fantastic. I have the travel sized dryer, and it folds nicely in my suitcase without taking up much room. T3 styling tools do a magnificent job, especially the interchangeable wand.

    Self Tanner

    Self Tanners are tricky – but I’m really a fan of St. Tropez. I find it to be the least splotchy or orange – and you can add coats if you need to. For a quick fix that washes off, Body Blur works great! Also make sure to exfoliate extremely well before applying!


    Primers are your bestie. They help even out the playing field and make your makeup look that much better. If you have oily skin or are prone to shininess, consider a mattifying primer. If you have redness, consider the green guy below. Any other questions, please feel free to ask!


    I’ve gotten away from wearing foundation as much unless I’m going out for whatever reason. I’m loving tinted moisturizers more and more. I also REALLY love this powder foundation to set my moisturizer or liquid foundation – it holds up in the heat and doesn’t move. Fenty: I think is great as a lightweight foundation. Huda Beauty: definitely heavy coverage, breaks my face out a little. Born this way: heavy coverage but feels airy.

    Bronzers, Contouring, Highlighting

    I am a girl allll about the face sculpting! Definitely can’t live without my Graftobian palette.


    I grew up with a mother who loved her blush – and I’m so glad. Bland cheeks remind me of hollow skulls, morbid I know.. but still. Emphasis on the need for blush yall.

    Eye Makeup

    Eye palettes have become such a big thing – and they’re so much fun to play with! You can see me style a lot of makeup looks on my Youtube channel!

    Brows & Lashes

    My eyebrows are microbladed but I like to touch them up just a smidge. Yall know I cannot live without my falsies – they give my life!


    My buckets (literally) of lipstick is ever-growing. I do have a minimal amount of fillers (wanted to balance out my top and bottom) but also slightly over line them. What can I say, I love me some drama!


    Finding your perfect scent is tricky – I definitely have to test them in person, and sometimes my preference changes by season. I will say, however, this Parfums de Marly absolutely floored me.

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