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pajama set

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Meet some of my favorite frivolous things.

Well.. somewhat frivolous.

Foot File

Click here.

I haven’t enough good things to say about this 10$ tool. My feet get dry and rough with a quickness. This makes SUCH a difference!

Foot Peel

Click here.

These peel booties will have your feet shed their dead skin like a snake within a week. Once the shedding is done, your feet feel brand freakin new.

Pimple Patches

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My only question is WHERE WERE THESE WHEN I WAS A TEENAGER?! Seriously, these things are absolute magic.

rainbow glass tupperware

Glass Tupperware

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You know how plastic tupperware seems to get grimy after a while? a) these are adorable b) they wash well and c) I’m not churning through plastic tupperware every few months. This is a ten piece set but also comes in different color options.

the ordinary aha bha

The Ordinary

click here.

The Ordinary is one of my favorite skincare lines simply because the price is unbeatable and the products work so well. This AHA/BHA peeling solution helps improve skin congestion, texture, signs of aging and skin tone. Be sure to spot test before committing this to your entire face.

Manuka Honey Drops

Click here.

Did you know Manuka honey has medicinal properties? I’ve always kept these on me during cold & flu season but now it seems like I always have them. COVID times has me trying to keep my immune system as buff as possible.

olapex no 0

Olapex No. O

click here.

I can’t say enough about how much Olapex has helped my hair! This new product, No. O, is applied to dry hair and ENHANCES the effects of No. 3 – which aims to repair the bonds deep within the hair strand. You can’t go wrong.

Tatcha Pearl Eye Cream

Click here.

I have raved about this eye highlight a few times recently. There are lots of products out there, expensive and inexpensive, but WOW is this worth the $. The sheen, the effect.. it’s just so good. I wear shade moonlight and LOVE this for no make up days!

amazon wine glasses

Wine Glasses

click here

Charlie bought these for me as an early anniversary gift. They come in a set of 6. They’re so pretty!!

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