• Sleepless In Seattle: Nightlife You Need To Experience

    seattle public market

    Seattle is a place which a lot of people associate with a certain Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan film back in the 90’s, but this city isn’t just one of romance and festive spirit, it’s also one which is bustling full of life and love every single day. If you have never been to Seattle now is the time to visit and you’ll be able to see some amazing sites and try some fun activities. At night in particular this place comes to life and here are just some of the things you can do in Seattle this year at night.

    seattle space needle

    1. Space Needle Tower

    If you fancy trying to explore Seattle from above one night this week, you should definitely take the opportunity to come and see Space Needle Tower for yourself. This tower in the heart of the city is where you will be able to look across the landscape below finding an extraordinary 360 degree view of the surrounding land. It is awe inspiring and something which you truly have to see to believe.

    2. Jet City Improv show

    If you’re a fan of comedy and shows like Who’s Line Is It Anyway (love!), then this is the ideal way to spend an evening with your friends, something which you laugh about for days afterwards! Improv is a clever style of comedy and you never know what you’re going to get, and at the Jet City Improv you’ll be able to see some of the best acts in the whole city.

    3. Century Ballroom

    If you’re looking to spend the perfect night dancing away with your partner in the city then there’s nowhere better than here to come for the evening. You’ll not only be able to see and try the best dancing you’ve ever tried, you can also have a meal here too to fully take advantage of the atmosphere. Every dance session is an hour long so you can learn some new moves while having some fun with your date and dance the night away. It’s a great way to spend the night and enjoy something different which you haven’t done before.

    4. Rock Box

    If your ideal night out consists of lighting up the stage with your amazing Amy Winehouse impression then Rock Box is the place for you. You’ll be able to enjoy Japanese style karaoke which will give you plenty to sing about while having a laugh with your friends and family for the evening. It’s unique and fun and is the perfect way to spend a night when you wouldn’t otherwise know what to do.

    5. Garage Billiards

    Sometimes sitting down and enjoying a drink or two just isn’t what you are looking for – maybe you need to get up and moving to enjoy your night out. If so, bowling is always a popular activity to try out and you’ll be able to enjoy a night on the alley with your friends competing for who is the best. I’m HORRIBLE at bowling, sadly – even with the pink ball. When it comes to bowling this is like no other!

    seattle great wheel

    6. Seattle Great Wheel

    For a romantic evening date, an amazing idea would be to start off with dinner, head over to the movies for a while and then at the end of the night take a walk to the Seattle Great Wheel. If the idea of seeing the world from above seems magical to you then this is the ideal trip and it will give you and your partner some time alone to enjoy each other’s company. It will offer a 360 degree view of a stunning landscape leaving you on top of the world.

    7. Waterfront Park

    If you are the outdoorsy type and you fancy a night out of the main city, you should definitely take a little trip to the Waterfront Park and have a walk with your family or friends. This is a place which is a little more peaceful and you can enjoy some stunning views of the city lit up at night and reflections on the water. It is the ideal place to come after a meal so that you can walk it off and have a chat with the people you love for a while. Take a walk along the water and enjoy the many beautiful lamps on the street as well as the trees hanging over the water.


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