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Hey You!

Hey You!

Welcome to Tararrized! This site was first created to be my creative outlet for life outside of my hospital career.

It soon turned into something so much BIGGER! While I’m still quite involved in healthcare (I’m an FNP and PMHNP) it has become an immense joy to reach out, help, and get to know this incredible audience!

This is a platform dedicated to being your glorious self and ALL that encompasses. This is a safe space to be yourself, discuss opinions, and branch out into the unknown. More importantly, this is a space where it’s safe to discuss your MENTAL HEALTH. I very openly discuss mine in the hopes of relating to others. And above all.. I am SO glad you’re here!

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Hola! Meet Tara

I love finding out all the details about a person that make you go A-HAH! There are so many things that uniquely piece together our personalities, it’s fascinating to discover them all.

A few tid bits about me: I’m an Aquarius aka highly intelligent, non-conformist, independent, HIGHLY stubborn, idealistic and have an unending desire to change the world. Aquarians are eccentric and live for mental stimulation – which pretty much defines me completely.

I’m from Texas, born and raised. I come from a large Mexican family and am also a member of the Choctaw Nation. My culture and heritage are two things I very much cherish. I was the first in my family to go to college. Education (obviously) means so much to me and how much of a privilege it is to have gone to school as long as I have. I’m an FNP (family nurse practitioner) and PMHNP (psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner). 

I’ve been married for over 10 years – the TIMES DOES FLY BY!  I have two dogs who absolutely light up my life. I would absolutely snuggle and save all the dogs in the world if it was possible! I fully believe in the power of a good cup of coffee in the morning, a rejuvenating hot shower, ugly-crying it out, and asking for help when you need it. Again… I am SO damn glad you’re here! Let’s get weird.


The Latest on the Blog

The Latest on the Blog